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Gospel Lyrics >> Song Title :: Why Would You Go Back
Gospel Lyrics >> Song Artist :: Jeni Varnadeau 

J. Varnadeau, R. Partin, P. Rogers
Galatians 3; 4:9; 5:1

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe
Who told me a tale of a man she once knew
He walked around town with a rock on his shoulder
And each day she'd watch him growing older

All that he knew was the life of his past
He couldn't move forward he kept looking back
He carried this boulder just like his dad used to do
He didn't know why, but he thought he was supposed to
What else could he do?

Why would he go back to the burdens that he knew before
Why would he go back when he could walk in joy and freedom
He don't have to believe he was meant for that
Why, why would he go back?

There's just one place where he'd lay the stone down
At his friends glass house on the edge of town
So he'd go visit and he'd be so glad
And rattle on and on about the good time he had
Telling his friend as he'd head toward the door
He wished his own life could be this way more
As he leans down to pick up his stone

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