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Gospel Lyrics >> Song Title :: I Am
Gospel Lyrics >> Song Artist :: Cece Winans 

I Am
(written by Keith Crouch, John Smith, and Cece Winans)
(recorded by Cece Winans)

Verse 1:
I am the One, yes, I created the whole universe,
created everything in heaven and in all the earth.
It's my air you breathe, so I'm the One that you should please,
I am the One you need, why should you be alone'

I am that I Am,
I'm all that you need.
I can, yes, I can,
no, it ain't too hard for me.

Do you know, really know,
do you really believe,
every day, every night of your life, I Am.

Verse 2:
It hurts my heart indeed to see those whom I love in need,
knowing all, I wonder why they never call on me'
If you just ask, then I can satisfy you with good things,
I'll give you everything, yes, you can have it all.

Verse 3:
I tell the sun to shine, the wind to blow, the rain to fall,
I move the mountains and the oceans, rivers great and small.
Yes, everything I made, I want to hear them give Me praise,
especially you, my children, each and every day.


Ooh, ooh.
Ooh, ooh.

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