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Gospel Lyrics >> Song Title :: Let Go
Gospel Lyrics >> Song Artist :: Neville, Aaron 

Hey, are you coming, are you going
Brother are you just wasting time
Is there a rhyme or a reason
And when you gonna make up your mind
Are you holding back your tears
Will you ever let the river flow
Or are you caught up in your tears
Let the living water save your soul

Let go, let the mercy river flow
Let go, get on your knees and
Let Him know
Let go, He'll build you up and
Make you strong
All the saints will march in glory
Hear the angels sing along
And let go, just let go

I am with you on this journey
I'll be with you 'til the end of time
You know you'll never ever be
So precious, this child of mine

Jesus in my arms I will hold you
This world at times is so unkind
Walk with faith into His glory
Let go and let your spirit fly

Don't cha wanna be with your brothers
Marching with that angel band
And let go, just let go

Let go, just let it go
Oooh, and let go, let go
Let it go, and let go
Let it go.

Written by Aaron Neville, Bill Miller and Chris Harris

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