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Gospel Lyrics >> Song Title :: Undecided
Gospel Lyrics >> Song Artist :: Justin McRoberts 

You can't live without me but you can't leave him
You're mumbling something about honoring commitments
And the night that you let him in
Well, I remember that same night you showing up at my house
Where you told everyone you hated being lonely
But you needed time to figure things out

You say you'll love me forever but you can't stay long
You say you always want to be together
But you'll leave before I finish this song
You've been lying so long now you don't know what's true anymore
Now you're begging me for my forgiveness
And you don't even know what for


You're looking right through me. It's like you can't even see
But something in my heart is telling me that things
Aren't as bad as they could be
I'll be waiting when you make up your mind

? Justin McRoberts 2003 Five Foot Six and a Half Music (ASCAP)

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