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Gospel Lyrics >> Song Title :: Face To Face
Gospel Lyrics >> Song Artist :: Justifide 

Ridin' high on your accomplishments
And always claim, "Self-made, I'm the one because I'm gettin' paid,
Now I'm my own God, and this is my world, I'm at the top, uh-uh, I can't be
Well now, don't you see that you're creating your own misery?
Come back down so you can see, it's not what it seems to be,
It's just another empty dream, one that leaves you with nothing

When will you see, it's time to wake up and change,
It's just an empty dream, your life is too good to waste,
And it never lasts, don't be trapped by yourself, face your past,
Face to Face!

Let's get deeper and go a little further into the past,
You live this way to hide your pain,
When no one else is there, your smile and confidence, it fades

So wake up, life's too short

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