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Gospel Lyrics >> Song Title :: Waiting
Gospel Lyrics >> Song Artist :: Dakona 

So you've packed up all your makeup / And you grabbed your magazines / And you're leaving in the morning / On a train / I guess I've taken you for granted / I guess I messed this up again / I think I've finally learned my lesson / But too late

One thing always leads to another / One foot slips and down goes the other / One and one is two but it's just me / So until you're here

Chorus: I'm waiting, I'm waiting here / I'm waiting
Any day, any night, anyplace, anytime

And I made this bed I lay in / But I should've called the maid / Such a heavy-handed lover, such a shame / I'm not too proud to say I'm sorry / If it'd bring you back again / If it'd mother all the orphans in my head

And one things always leads to another / So until you're here. . .


She's setting like a sun on the horizon / I'm running through the fields to chase her down / I'd stare into the sun 'til I am blinded / Just hoping for a glimpse of where she's bound

I'd rather lose my sight than all my feeling / I'm better when I feel my way around / I'm better when I got you there beside me / I'll be waiting, I'll be waiting /


I'll try to remember forever and ever / Is only as long as you plan to stay here / So come and remind me if you got the time / Any day, any night, anyplace, anytime

(Ryan McAllister)2003 Ryan McAllister (SOCAN)

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