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Gospel Lyrics >> Song Title :: Keep Rising
Gospel Lyrics >> Song Artist :: Souljahz 

Put yo hands up, turn the beat up
Take yo shoes off, throw yo feet up
(What, what, what, what, what) we keep on risin'
(What, what, what, what, what) we keep on risin'

We been doin' this for years and you just now heard of us
Four years containin' back stabbin' music murderers
Year I was a younga MC, now I'd older by please
Don't think my mind change only time change
And the clock moves quicker as the plot gets thicker now
Yeah I"m a Christian my position paints the picture listen
DC Niques composin' beats since he was under age
A true master of the art it's time to take the stage
We give props to those who keepin' it tight
Big ups to P.O.D for always rockin' it right
In the middle of my cloudy day, drop to my knees and pray
Let me walk in light so my darkness will fade away
Lord, please cleanse me from without and within
Be sure to never let me doubt the evil powers of sin
And work magic, deflectin' fiery darts aimin' at my heart
I think it's time to play my part yo so dig it


When I look around all I see is record companies
And MC's goin' bankrupt tryna be free
That ain't the way that it should be no not hardly
You got me pacin' knowin' that you're gonna try to bring me down I'm sorry
We won't stop, you ask why 'cause we can't stop
Hip hop make ya neck pop when the beat drops
(Like whoah) Souljahz don't stop we keep on tryin'
(Like whoah) Souljahz don't stop we keep on tryin'
(Ri-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ise we rise) Throw yo hands in the sky wave 'em side to
(Ri-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ise we rise)


Yo I keep it righteous while my rhymes ignite this
Mic and it might just be the time to recite this
Rhyme that I wrote in my room gotta keep rappin'
Yo I told ya the Souljahz was bound to make it happen
Got you askin' I aint hear from the Souljahz in a while.
Didn't they flip they style? Wasn't they just on trial?
C'mon, we just been on the road
From NY to Germany, Hawaii 5.0
So think about it before you criticize my crew
'Cause when you point your finger at me three is pointed back at you.
Actin' like a fool, whether it be jealousy or envy
Remember why we doin' this, it ain't about the Bentley
It ain't about the cars, money, cash or the girls
It's a much bigger picture when you tryna.

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