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Gospel Lyrics >> Song Title :: Right Here
Gospel Lyrics >> Song Artist :: Jeni Varnadeau 

Psalm 16:11; Matthew 1:23; 28:20

There are days I can't compete with what's in front of my eyes Lock the
Door, unplug the phone, pull up my covers and hide But what is that voice
I hear, so familiar and clear?
Chasing away these thoughts like a bad dream-calming my doubts and my fears

When you're here
When you chase away the darkness
When you're near, seems all my sadness disappears
'Cause you're right here

Pull up the shades, start the day, I feel your love shining through
You give me peace I can't explain
It's like my heart became new
I melt when you whisper my name, so familiar and clear
You are the love and the life that sustains me. There's nothing like
Having you near
I ain't walking alone. Your presence fills me and joy overflows
I ain't feeling low. You are the One that I need to know

1999 Ross Island Music/Roryn Parti Music-SESAC//

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