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Gospel Lyrics >> Song Title :: Elevator Muzik
Gospel Lyrics >> Song Artist :: Resurrection Band 

Who needs rock'n roll
Who needs song savin' your soul
Plastic musik plastic food
Cellophane tunes for that
Synthetic mood
You got your inspiration from a vending machine
It's an audio starvation diet
Mannquins on a shopping spree
Who cares if you like it

It's everywhere I go
It programs my soul
It tells me what I need
It takes me the lead-lead-lead
Elevator Muzik
It's a capital idea
Elevator musik
Programmed just for you
Elevating sales at the speed of sound
Soon you'll be shopping in sensuround

Controlling your wallet
Coaxing your soul
The corporate big brother
It's an overload
Get off that conveyor
That treadmill of persuasion
Jesus brings the light into every situation

Elevator musik - It's a failure in heaven
Elevator musik - It's a subtile kinda leaven
What this world needs
Is music that feeds
Not elevator musik
Not elevator musik
Dump elevator musik
Get rid of elevator musik

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