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Gospel Lyrics >> Song Title :: Paint A Picture
Gospel Lyrics >> Song Artist :: Resurrection Band 

Music: Glenn Kaiser and Stu Heiss
Lyrics: Glenn Kaiser

Oh, the hours of agony in that darkened room
Silhouetted by an ache to be desired by someone
Hating who you are and what you've made of yourself
Not forgiving yourself for you
What was I trying to prove, running from You?
And it hurts me so to see that box I know
Filled with photographs of things I knew
But You promised me You'd make all things new

Paint a picture of a lonely life
Paint a picture of a cold, gray night
Paint a picture of the emptiest day you've ever known
Paint a picture of a starving man
Paint a picture, being born again
Paint a picture of an empty cage, for this bird has flown

When you live all alone
Hating your only companion
They'll tell you it's allright
But baby, you know that's a lie
I reached the bottom
I hope you don't have to find out the way I did
Trip after trip and try after try after try

Paint a picture of a broken heart
Paint that picture and you can start to understand the love of the Savior
And oh, how He understands you
Paint a picture of a blood-covered cross
See that picture and you'll know what it cost
- the price God paid to prove His love for you

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