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Gospel Lyrics >> Song Title :: Jesus Will Fix It
Gospel Lyrics >> Song Artist :: Dennis Leonard 

Jesus will fix it

Chorus Jesus will fix it for you
Oh yes he will
And He knows what just what to do
Whenever you pray
Let Him have His way
Jesus will fix it just for you

Im glad I can call him anytime of the day
Hes never slack in his promise, but I know
Hell make a way

Hes a God whos never too busy (thank you Jesus)
But Hes always on time
And if your learn to trust him
The Lord will be right on time.

(repeat chorus)

You can call him in the evening
Hell comfort you in your storm
He will comfort you in the midnight hour
He promise never to leave you alone
Just trust God with all your heart
Have faith in his word
The Lord know what stand need of
even before you utter a word

(repeat chorus)

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Call him
In the morning
Call him
In the evening
Call him
When you need a friend
Call him
When you dont have nobody to lean on
He will be right there (3x)
(Jesus, Jesus, Jesus)
If you never been there
(Jesus, Jesus, Jesus)
Its never to late to call on Jesus
(Jesus, Jesus, Jesus)
Hell heal your body
(Jesus, Jesus, Jesus)
Hell save your sole
(Jesus, Jesus, Jesus)
I said Jesus will fix it for
Hell will fix it just for

Thank you Jesus (2x)
Who wake you up this morning
Who started you on your way
Who put the bacon on the table
Who been good to you
Who healed your body
Who told you to run on
Who keep making ways out of no way
Call him again if hes been good to you
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Thats the name I know
Hes been so precious
Jesus took me in
Precious Jesus, Take my hand
Precious Jesus
Lead me
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
I want him, thank you Jesus
I got a reason to call Jesus
Because Jesus he will fix it just for youuuuuuuuuuuu

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