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Gospel Lyrics >> Song Title :: Need Someone
Gospel Lyrics >> Song Artist :: Parkway 

Sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Sick of sticking out my neck
To get me burned like a Bic lighter,
Sick of all the Jim Carrey types,
Liar, Liar
So I'm trying to get a grip like a pair of hand plyers.
My Manifesto hit you with a blessed flow
Hide behind a mask like you
Was stinking Destro.
I'm already seeing through you like some window.
Stay on you like halo, shine like day-glo.
Trying to be professional.
You an amateur.
You couldn't get the picture even with the camera.
My stamina is programmed.
You strickly slammin. You ducking out like
Some draft draft dodgers heading to Canada.
I gotta hand it to you, you
Know how to break me down.
Judah's kisses never seem to make a
Sound. But thanking God I was naturally lost and found.
But keep in mind what goes around, comes around.

'Cause I'm alone, I need a friend
I need someone who understands
The way I feel
So I can feel the way you feel

"You what's up man? How you doing?
You remember me? Yo we go
Way back. What do you mean you don't remember me? What"

Hello, how ya doing? [w'sup] You don't remember me? [na]
Love turns to hate, friends turn to enemies.
Homies turn to phonies, haters turn
To cronies. As the world turns I'm still standing lonely.
Theres only one love that never ber turning cooler.
Always got my back when I was
Playing like a clavinova.
Always had a dry shoulder just to cry on.
Always made a way through the dark with the light on.

Hey Yo Dark 9, tell me what's up? [what's up]
Why you always seem to
Got beef like ground chuck [I don't know]
We used to be cool, but I guess not enough.
Would you mind taking the knife out of my back,
It got stuck [ayaight] Christ Jesus putting back all the
The pieces. His love
Runs deepest now plus He never leaves us.
Tosses in as far as the west from the east is.
Never truly alone from the love that He releases.

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