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Gospel Lyrics >> Song Title :: Yes He Loves Me
Gospel Lyrics >> Song Artist :: Joe Pace 

Yes He Loves Me
(written by Nate McNair)
(recorded by Joe Pace & The Colorado Mass Choir)

Chorus 1
I don't know why Jesus loves me,
I don't know why?
And I don't know why He cares?

Whenever I need a strong tower,
a strong tower,
Jesus is always there.

Chorus 2
Yes, He loves me
so, so, so.
So, so, so.
So, so, so.
So, so, so.

Verse 1
It's not that I'm worthy, not that I've been so good,
don't always live right, but He's always understood.

He's always forgave me time and time again,
though I don't deserve it, He's always been my friend.

Chorus 1

Chorus 2

Verse 2
He's always stood beside me,
kept me form hurt and harm,
keeping me safly wrapped in His loving arms.

He's been my protection each and every day,
He's been my Savior, and that I can never repay.

Chorus 1

Chorus 2

Vamp 1
Yes, yes
yes, He loves me.

Yes, yes,
yes, He loves me.

Vamp 2
He loves me,
He loves.

Vamp 1
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