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ReconnectingBy: Tait
Red Letter DayBy: NewSong
Red LettersBy: DC Talk
Red LightBy: Whitecross
RedeemedBy: Jessy Dixon
RedeemedBy: Myron Butler
RedeemedBy: Michael McKay
RedeemerBy: Joel Engle
RedeemerBy: Nicole C. Mullen
RedemptionBy: Jars Of Clay
Redemption Story
Refine MeBy: Knapp, Jennifer
ReflectionBy: Souljahz
ReflectionsBy: Olanda Draper & The Associates
ReflectionsBy: Olanda Draper
Reflections Of YouBy: Krystal Meyers
RefugeBy: Darrell Evans
Regrets Of PhotographsBy: Number One Gun
ReignBy: Kurt Carr
Reign ForeverBy: Anointed Pace Sisters
Reign JesusBy: Shekinah Glory Ministry
Rein King Jeus
Reinventing Your ExitBy: Underoath
RejoiceBy: Audio Adrenaline
RejoiceBy: Chris Tomlin
RejoiceBy: Mercy Me
RejoiceBy: Phil Keaggy
RejoiceBy: Timothy Wright
RejoiceBy: Shirley Caesar
RejoiceBy: Stephen Hurd

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