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Uhn-uhnBy: Greg O'Quin
Um GoodBy: Smokie Norful
UnafraidBy: Joy Williams
Unanswered YetBy: Hymn
UnashamedBy: Starfield
Unashamed LoveBy: Lamont Hiebert
UnawareBy: Mercy Me
UnbrokenBy: ZoeGirl
UnchangeableBy: ZoeGirl
UnchangingBy: Chris Tomlin
Unchanging (Raise Up Holy Hands)By: Chris Tomlin
Unchanging God, Hear From Eternal HeavenBy: Hymn
Unchanging OneBy: Todd Agnew
Unclouded DayBy: randy Travis
Uncloudy DayBy: Myrna Summers
UnconditionalBy: 1NC (One Nation Crew)
UnconditionalBy: Fred Hammond
UnconditionalBy: Yolanda Adams
Unconditional LoveBy: Tarralyn Ramsey
Uncreated OneBy: Chris Tomlin
UndecidedBy: Justin McRoberts
UndefeatedBy: Audio Adrenaline
Undeniably YouBy: Avalon
Undenying LoveBy: Vicki Yohe
Under My SkinBy: FONO
Under Serious AttackBy: Emery
Under The BloodBy: Vicki Yohe
Under The GazeBy: Arends, Carolyn
Under The InfluenceBy: Anointed
Under The SunBy: Bebo Norman

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